June 11, 2021

How to sell an IoT solution to those who fear technology and change

In today’s day and age, IoT is a pretty universal concept as most everyone has something or has used something that falls under the general IoT umbrella.

In today’s day and age, IoT is a pretty universal concept as most everyone has something or has used something that falls under the general IoT umbrella, such as an Apple watch, your garage door opener, or even ordering your coffee at Starbucks through the mobile app.

But what isn’t universal (yet!) is its acceptance as it pertains to remote monitoring and preventative maintenance. There are people of all industries, ages, and backgrounds who don’t  accept this form of technology because they do not understand it. We want people to understand the benefits of IoT to decide if it will help them. Outlined below are two personas that you may face most frequently, and some tips to help them accept IoT and remote monitoring.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”]

Let’s start with change-fearing Charlie

  • Charlie has worked on repairing machines for decades.
  • He fears the technology will take away his job.
  • He is afraid he won’t understand how it works.

To put Charlie at ease and help him accept IoT, we want to help Charlie understand:

  • Even with remote monitoring, you still will be repairing machines! The repairs will be based on data and rescheduled at appropriate times proactively.
  • This change will not leave you jobless. Your day to day will look a bit different, as now you will be checking data before heading out, but your job is safe! You’ll have the opportunity to service even more pieces of equipment with the saved time.
  • The hardware requires no set up or maintenance, and the data platform is user friendly.

Now onto technology-resistant Tim 

  • Tim owns a flip phone for personal use, and doesn’t enjoy using his company issued smartphone.
  • He dislikes using technology because of how complicated he feels it is. 
  • He doesn’t want to rely on technology to tell him when machines may be failing, when he can just keep doing routine maintenance checks.

To help Tim become more comfortable with technology and IoT, help him understand:

  • Looking at machine data points on your phone makes troubleshooting machines simpler. 
  • IoT decreases the need for routine maintenance checks, saving you time, and improving results. 
  • The technology doesn’t just alert you to when a machine is failing, it provides alerts to early warning signs of failure and the data to troubleshoot before the failures occur. For example, if there is a high vibration alarm at a certain time, that data can be used to understand why there was high vibration at that given time based on what else was happening at that same time. 

These are just two of the many characters you will face when starting to implement remote monitoring in IoT. Remember to focus on their specific concerns and target pain points with the benefits they will receive from making the switch. Interested in learning about our solution? Email today and a specialist will be in touch. 


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