July 23, 2021

Enterprise IoT: Key Cloud Characteristics

There are several capabilities of enterprise IoT software that are not visible, not easily understood, and sometimes not well articulated.

There are several capabilities of enterprise IoT software that are not visible, not easily understood, and sometimes not well articulated. Understanding enterprise features, at least at a high level, helps in being able to compare vendor capabilities. 

Historically, enterprise software was installed on a computer’s hard drive. Fast forward to today we have internet based IoT software. In general, enterprise IoT software is large-scale software that is aimed to support or solve specific problems of an entire organization. This large-scale software allows for different user roles, and the roles define the actions a specific user can perform. 

To start, let’s define an enterprise as typically a medium or large company that may work across the country or world, with many specialized employees working in formalized roles or functions.  Some of the characteristics of enterprise IoT software consist of;

  • Enabled for AAA – Authorization, Authentication, Audit
  • Widespread performance, often across many physical locations
  • Scalability, ideally with ‘auto’ scaling features
  • Robustness including automated recovery, backup, and built-in resiliency 
  • Ability to interface with other enterprise software the enterprise relies on
  • Centrally managed and maintained
  • Software updates and new versions do not impact users
  • Permissions and license management segmented by roles
  • Shared views within permission settings
  • Manages license duration and distribution
  • Support for OEM customers who resell to their channel (distributors, OEM’s, users, etc)

Many IoT cloud environments are really designed for end users, so it is important to understand if the solution supports redistribution, if you are an OEM. As an example of the Preddio Simplicity Cloud portal, users are authenticated and authorized by their email. Their email domain designates what they can see, and the roles define what they can do.  

If you are an OEM with distributors, resellers and want to monitor your end users, you can do that. However, your distributor can only see their customers, not the customers from other distributors. A good way to describe this is the OEM can see everyone, the distributor or reseller only those they sell to, and the end user, only their specific data. So you can see the data from those below you only.

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