Unleash the power of captive data

Industrial systems are built for "day 1" operation. They are complex and expensive to modernize. Preddio Simplicity solves this problem.

Drive continuous improvement and condition based maintenance – simply and easily

Uncover unlimited opportunities to improve productivity, increase quality, and reduce unscheduled maintenance. Traditional control systems, designed for day 1 operation, are rigid and difficult to modify, slowing the pace of continuous process improvement.

Preddio Simplicity is:

  • Quick and easy to install using industry proven wireless connectivity
  • Cyber secure, no IT support needed
  • Compatible with thousands of industrial sensors
  • Results focused, view trends and alarms securely from anywhere
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Powerful digital twin technology frees captive data to drive continuous improvement and condition based maintenance.

Free Captive data, Drive Continuous Improvement,
Drive Condition Based Maintenance, Quick, Easy Installation

Industry expertise

Preddio Simplicity is super easy to install, but if you need a hand just give us a call. We have experience freeing captive data from all types of industrial systems and enjoy helping customers develop breakthrough solutions.

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Unleash the power of captive data, through continuous improvement of your operations and maintenance programs.

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"Boiler uptime is critical to our operations. We contacted Preddio who setup their technology in under 10 minutes without needing any integration into our existing systems. Within a few hours we were already receiving actionable data in the cloud, allowing us to make informed process decisions."
Connor Roelke
"Working with the team at Preddio Technologies has been a pleasure. No challenge seems to be beyond their capability and I look forward to seeing how they develop their portfolio to meet the needs of brewers in a variety of interesting applications."
Aaron Moberger
Brewer & Cellar Manager
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"Continuous improvement is essential for our brewery. Through our partnership with Preddio Technologies, we now have access to data on our fermentations, brewhouse operations and utilities. The ability to track our processes in real-time allows us to improve our efficiencies and even reduce chemical and water usage. The automated alerts that we have set for our major utilities gives us peace of mind even when we’re not there."
Keith Gabbett
"One of our dairies recently experienced system outages due to intense thunderstorms, making it difficult to guarantee the viability of several batches of milk. Fortunately, Preddio's remote monitoring technology provided critical quality control data during the outage, saving thousands of dollars in potential losses while ensuring a safe and healthy product."
Stuart Marshall
Business Development Manager,
GEA Farm Technologies
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"We needed an easy to install IIoT solution that would be customized and continuously expanded to meet the needs of the many industries that we serve. Preddio's team listened to our ideas, even the crazy ones, and translated them into deployable sensor and cloud solutions - really fast."
Steven Bullen
Global Product Line Director

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