Simplicity by Preddio:
Simple, cost-effective, monitoring and control technology

Introducing Simplicity by Preddio.
Quick to install, cost effective, providing immediate and actionable results.

Wireless sensors

Simplicity Link™

Easily connects with third party digital and analog sensors using a standard M12 connection

Simplicity Gauge™

Simultaneously measures pressure and temperature from a single battery powered device using a standard 1/4" NPT process fitting

Simplicity Nano™

Effortlessly measures surface temperature, vibration, and water presence

Third party devices

Seamlessly integrate external data streams using secure cloud to cloud API's


Plug and play setup. Once registered to your account the gateway automatically connects to a multi-carrier cellular network and securely relays information from wireless sensors to the cloud in real-time. Magnetic, zip-tie, or screw mounts make installation fast, easy and secure.


Access data remotely from anywhere in the world using the mobile app or any modern web browser. Secure, responsive, and simple to use, make informed decisions based on concise and actionable data.

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