Our vision

We believe in continuous improvement

Technology that is fast and simple to deploy

Delivering immediate results

Quickly revitalize existing infrastructure without costly renovation, system integration, and training

Increased profits

Decreased costs

Application Benefits


  • Track fermentation progress in real-time, reducing brew times
  • Reduce CIP rinse times, water consumption, turn around tanks faster
  • React instantly to boiler or pump failures, dont be suprised Monday morning
  • Monitor any process output for continuous improvement, and celebrate it
Food manufacturing plant

Food & beverage facilities:

  • Track consumption and reduce compressed gas leaks, saving thousands monthly
  • Reduce consumables logistic fees through real-time tank level monitoring, just in time replenishments
  • Monitor and reduce hot water wasted associated with cleaning programs, ensuring compliance
  • Increase production yields, and decrease non-conforming products

Commercial buildings:

  • Monitor HVAC equipment, optimize service and filter changes
  • Automatically log and alarm for compliance related equipment issues
  • Retrofit any piece of equipment with sensors to avoid costly replacements or upgrades
  • Reduce unnecesary site visits and labor expenses through remote monitoring
Commercial building
Generic industrial plant

Industrial facilities:

  • Improve equipment reliability and operator safety
  • Reduce unnecessary site visits and product maintenance routines
  • Increase production results, and reduce unexpected downtime
  • Augment existing control and monitoring solutions without costly integrations

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