September 12, 2021

Level up with Data

In the world of preventative maintenance, data is your best friend.

In the world of preventative maintenance, data is your best friend. In our case, data collects information from a curated collection of sensors, where it utilizes a gateway to send data to the Cloud which can be viewed on a smartphone application or web browser. Simply viewing the data is interesting – but being able to utilize the information is what makes a difference. 

Unstructured data is a problem for 95% of businesses! Yes, you read that right, 95%. To help you not fall into the black hole of unstructured data, we will walk through why data is needed for any business and how to properly use it to your advantage

Why you need data

  • Improve decision making
  • Learn how to optimize your business
  • Understand how your machines operate
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Address problems as soon as they happen
  • Excel customer service
  • Give you a competitive edge
  • And so much more!

As you may be realizing, data is a necessity, and the benefits of using data are enormous. In as little as a few hours you can start seeing trends, receiving alerts, and develop an overall understanding how your machines can run better. But now that you have all this data, what can you do with it?

How to use data to your advantage

  • Find the BEP (best efficiency point) of your machines
  • Identify failure patterns
  • Determine when to upsell
  • Know when parts need to be replaced
  • Reduce downtime
  • Simplify operations
  • And so much more!

Now that you have gathered data and understand what you can do with it, you may be wondering how you can begin to draw conclusions. By looking back at historical data, you can start to notice patterns and trends. You can also utilize our live mode feature to troubleshoot on the spot to gather information.

For example, if a machine starts to drop in pressure every day at 5:30 when the A/C turns on, that may be an indicator that the machine doesn’t work well in the cold. You can also tell that when the pressure drops, the production level decreases when compared to other times of the day. This one finding alone will help you fix this machine and help operations to run more smoothly. It is also a good idea to set alerts to keep an eye out for any other equipment running outside of given parameters. Productivity will increase, as well as the life of the machine will be prolonged. This is just one example- but you see on a larger scale just how many issues you will catch and how to use that data to your advantage.

There are so many reasons why everyone needs data, and so many different ways of using that data to set your business apart. This can vary by industry, but the end goals fall along the same line of saving money and increasing revenue. With our solution, Simplicity IoT, you have access to ample data analytics tools to help you learn from your data and level up your business. Interested in learning more? Email today.


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After launching a widely successful sensor, cloud platform, and mobile application while working in partnership with A.W. Chesterton Company, the team realized the opportunity for similar IoT solutions across the industrial and commercial markets.

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