November 19, 2020

IoT Will Rule the World

Everyday, people all over the world are using different aspects of IoT, quite possibly without even realizing it.

Considering how much the IoT industry has grown in the recent years, and how much it is predicted to grow (think billions and billions of dollars), I would not be surprised if IoT completely takes over in the coming years. Everyday, people all over the world are using different aspects of IoT, quite possibly without even realizing it. Without IoT, we will be stuck in a day and age that just isn’t practical enough to meet our evolving needs.

Think about your morning routine. For me, that includes stopping and getting a coffee at Starbucks. I like to place a mobile order from my phone, so it’s ready when I get there. I first have to use the location based services on the app to select which cafe location I will be picking up my drink from. The data (my order) is then sent from my smartphone to the recipient (the cafe’s system), which tells the cafe that they need to prepare my order for my estimated time of arrival. This just in time preparation ensures that my iced coffee will be fresh & cold when I get it. Goodbye are the days of melted ice cubes, lukewarm lattes and cold hot chocolates. Whether you have realized it or not, that’s IoT.

Another everyday IoT application is the ring smart doorbell. You know, those doorbells that capture funny videos of the mailman knocking over your mailbox, or the neighbor’s dog leaving a nice surprise for you on your lawn. Some of these doorbells pick up motion, and don’t have to be rung to start collecting data. This form of IoT communicates through sensors, where the sensors pick up motion and then record for a specified amount of time. This recorded clip is sent to your smartphone, where you can view it. Did you realize that this is also a form of IoT?

Now that you know mobile ordering and the ring doorbell are examples of IoT, why does that even matter? What’s the big deal? First, let’s take a look back at how I would order a coffee before IoT. I would drive to my local cafe and walk in, or order via the drive through. Waiting in line was always part of this routine, whether it was in person or behind cars. Sometimes I truly didn’t have the time to spare, resulting in no coffee for me; and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who would walk away empty handed due to lack of time.

In today’s day and age, time is money, and we don’t have ample time in a day. The mobile ordering system caters to those who don’t have the time to spend and makes it easier for those who want to just grab and go. This has evolved with the way people live their lives, and by adding the mobile ordering system, these cafe’s have increased customer satisfaction and profit. With the recent pandemic, some cafe’s may not have survived without mobile ordering, as the number of people in stores was limited. In many places currently, mobile ordering is still the only way you can even get food or drinks.

If IoT has impacted simply getting a coffee this much, you may start to be putting together how much IoT really can affect. Coffee is just a small example, but think of all the other things IoT can do on a larger scale. IoT can be used to gather data & analytics, see trends, improve operations, fine tune customer services, explore new business opportunities, and more. IoT in industrial manufacturing, for example can save plants hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, using sensors to predict failure.

IoT has come such a long way, and still has a long way to go before it rules the world, but it sure is on it’s way. Do you want to be an innovator in your own business? Think of all the ways IoT has been implemented in your own personal life, and start thinking of applications your business could benefit from. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about how Preddio Technologies can help your business today, contact us by emailing


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