October 1, 2020

Hello World

Looking for an IoT solutions provider? Preddio Technologies can take you through the whole journey, from sensor to cloud.

Hello World, We’re Here to Make Enterprise IoT Simpler

Have you been searching for an IoT solution? Now that our doors are open and our logos are in place, we here at Preddio Technologies Inc. would like to say Hello! 

Not long ago, we identified the bottom-line business benefits of implementing condition monitoring, remote asset management, and performance analytics via IoT in the enterprise. Today, our vision for developing a simpler and more effective way to deploy IoT into industrial and commercial environments has come to reality in the form of an application-specific approach enterprises can use to maximize and preserve the value of their physical assets.

Our Powered by Preddio™ IoT solutions leverage libraries of secure and reliable IP blocks that are personalized in order to take the guessing work out of business decisions and reduce enterprise’s time to market. Basically, all that data being extracted from your physical assets paints a picture of what an enterprises’ future can look like. What a company chooses to do with that data is entirely their decision. 

However, through Preddio’s IoT solution, enterprises can connect devices and machines with business applications, thus allowing intelligent decision making.

But what good is a IoT solution if it isn’t easy to use for achieving specific business goals? 

Preddio’s end-user interface and applications are simple to navigate and manage via the cloud. Preddio’s plug-and-play dashboard designs transform the technological complexity of IoT into a straightforward experience for the user. Given the remote world we’re now working in, enterprises must utilize IoT to predict and prepare for unforeseen issues and eliminate unnecessary downtime. But don’t just take it from us. 

When global sealing solutions provider, A.W. Chesterton Company needed a way for their customers to safely and conveniently monitor equipment vibration, surface temperature, process temperature, and pressure in real-time, we developed Chesterton Connect. 5 million collected data points later, A.W. Chesterton Company customers now have clear visibility into their assets’ overall health; all through the view of a user-friendly app.

Our IoT solution, however, doesn’t just stop at predictive and preventive maintenance. Using our digital twin technology—which is essentially a digital copy of already existing physical assets—enterprises looking to break into Industry 4.0 can have a clearer path. That data extracted from the physical assets, can be transferred to the cloud as inputs. Now, instead of stress-testing physical assets, Preddio can produce trendlines and machine learning on that asset’s digital twin to see how the real-world asset will be affected by those inputs now and into the future.  

However, the benefits of Preddio’s IoT solution doesn’t have to be limited to the industrial industry. Commercial service suppliers looking to improve inventory management, enable upselling opportunities, or reduce operating and logistical costs would also benefit from Preddio. From enabling automated stock replenishment to uncovering IoT-powered upselling opportunities, Preddio can directly impact commercial service providers’ bottom lines. 

Unfortunately, a simple tech refresh won’t do an enterprise any good. It’s essential to implement the right technology at the right time. As the world goes digital this year, there is no better time to maximize and preserve the value of your physical assets with the right IoT solutions.

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About us

Based in the greater Boston area, the team at Preddio Technologies™ combines decades of experience in industrial and commercial IoT applications.

After launching a widely successful sensor, cloud platform, and mobile application while working in partnership with A.W. Chesterton Company, the team realized the opportunity for similar IoT solutions across the industrial and commercial markets.

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