Remote Oil Field Booster Pump Failures

Located in a remote oil field, seals on a critical booster pump were failing. Because of the location, maintenance engineers were unaware of the failures until weeks after they occurred. When the pump was inspected it appeared that a sealing solution was failing within days of installation.
Preddio IoT sensors were installed on the pump to monitor performance around the clock. By analyzing the data, it was determined that the system was clogging and that an alternative filter basket was needed to avoid clogging and to protect the integrity of the seal. An upgraded cyclone style filter was installed, and the issues were resolved.
By remotely monitoring the pumps’ high-risk failure modes, operations and maintenance engineers were able to identify the root cause and eliminate repeated failures caused by the original filter system. The IoT sensor platform from Preddio also eliminated the substantial cost that would otherwise have been needed to modify the existing monitoring system.

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