Remote monitoring of boiler provides uptime generating additional $12,000 of product each week

Preddio Technologies has been working closely with NOBL Beverages to help them unlock continuous improvements through actionable data. The first project with the beverage manufacturer revolved around a boiler that was experiencing sporadic low pressures and in turn causing the canning line to stop multiple times a week. With unplanned downtime presenting a risk to NOBL of nearly $12,000 per week, it was a priority for them to find a solution.

A Simplicity Gauge and Simplicity Edge were installed in less than 5 minutes to monitor the boiler pressure and temperature. Additionally, the Simplicity Nano was added downstream on a compressor motor to monitor vibration. All sensors were 100% wireless and installed in less than 5 minutes.

Within a few days of installation, the boiler was running outside of the set thresholds resulting in the boiler shutting down. Push notifications and email alarms were sent to maintenance in real time. This allowed operations managers to immediately understand when there were issues with the boiler and react to the issue before it stopped the manufacturing line and prevent unexpected downtime.

Remote monitoring of the boiler operation allows the production staff to have peace of mind, especially when they are not on site. These real-time alerts allowed maintenance staff to diagnose the problem while it was occurring which allowed thousands of dollars in production gains realized within the first days of installation.

According to NOBL Beverages’ Director of Operations, Tim Graves, “Finally, the management team can sleep again, knowing that this monitoring solution is not dependent on operator observation, but rather tracked through a standardized process.”

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