Non-intrusive temperature sensor alerts large New England brewery of chiller failure – issue is resolved before any product is lost

The chiller is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a brewery. If the chiller goes down, it could be detrimental to all product currently in production.

A large brewery in New England wants to monitor the glycol lines at its main production facility but does not want to shut down the chiller to install an in-line temperature sensor. They are also looking for the ability to receive alarms and alerts if anything out of the ordinary were to happen.

BrewOps Chill, a non-intrusive, battery powered, clamp-on sensor was installed to the glycol lines going in and out of the chiller. The installation took less than 10 minutes and would provide the ability to monitor the glycol lines remotely. This is crucial since the chiller is located on the roof of the facility. Thresholds were set to notify operators if temperature went outside of the set parameters.

Around 1:00pm a glycol line on the roof had ruptured. By 1:30pm the glycol line temperature had risen above the threshold and triggered an alert to be sent to all operators. Due to the notification that was sent, the team was able to immediately contact their HVAC service company and the issue was fixed by the end of day.

Due to the real time alert, the chiller was back up and running before any damaging operations or downtime had occurred in the brewery.

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