Municipal Water Monitoring and Optimization

A large public water utility had deployed hundreds of remotely located centrifugal pumps, tasked with providing potable water to several municipalities. Each lift station had at least six double-ended multistage pumps. Given the remote distributed nature of the utility, management sought a cost effective, highly capable solution that would provide remote monitoring of key assets while still being extremely easy to install and maintain.
Vibration, temperature, and pressure sensors were piloted on all the pumps at several of the remote locations. Cellular gateways were installed so that the utility could monitor performance in real-time, and receive automated alerts when anomalies occurred.
After several weeks of collecting data, the utility was able to confirm their expectations that the pumps were operating correctly. However, what they did not expect to find was that they were able to adjust their operations schedule to decrease energy consumption while still meeting the demands of the municipalities. By deploying remote IoT sensors the utility was able to reduce operating expenses, while ensuring high quality, secure services that their customers expected.

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