Manufacturer’s Hidden Wastewater Problems

A pump manufacturer installed several large and expensive split seals on a vertical wastewater pump. After several hours, one of the seals failed, and it was re-installed. Over the next month it was repaired and replaced several times, requiring numerous service calls on site and dozens of troubleshooting conference calls with the seal manufacturer. The customer, the pump manufacturer, and the seal provider all had different opinions about the cause of the failures and could not agree on a solution. The pump and seal manufacturers were also at risk of losing the customer’s business.
Despite the customer’s insistence that flush pressure was not the problem, sensors were installed to monitor several locations of the piping, including the flush port of the mechanical seal. While the manual pressure gauges on the support pump showed adequate flush pressure, it turned out that pressure was significantly restricted at the seal so that at times it pulled vacuum. Several clogged strainers were found between the support pump and the main pump, and an overall deficiency of the support pump was concluded.
Not only was the problem solved for the impacted pump, but the new pumps awaiting to be commissioned using the same flush lines were spared from impending failure. While the customer and the pump manufacturer had already expended more than $100K in service and component costs, they were able to resolve the issue that would have resulted in substantially higher costs had the problem continued, not to mention the pump and seal manufacturers were able to solve the customer’s problem and keep the business by tracking down the root cause failure.

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