Kaizen Goal Reached Using Data

A papermill running several white liquor centrifugal pumps, sealed with traditional packing, set a kaizen goal to improve the mean time between failure (MTBF). However, their current control system did not have access to the operating parameters needed to specify an improved mechanical seal solution.
Rather than invest in extensive control system modifications that would require a capital budget and corporate approval, the customer installed IoT pressure and temperature sensors on the suction, discharge, and stuffing box locations of the pumps. Using the data collected by the sensors outside of the hardwired control system, the mechanical seal manufacturer was able to specify improved seals to meet the Kaizen objective.
By monitoring the existing process conditions of the pumps using rapidly deployed IoT sensors, the customer was able to upgrade the pump sealing solution without investment in their hardwired control system. Results were achieved within a week, saving valuable time and resources, while maximizing the productivity of the paper mill.

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