Ivy League Research Labs Chiller Plant

Significant sporadic vibration was suspected to be impacting the operation of a large split-case pump. Routine vibration inspections were unable to capture the events which were occurring at random. Exploratory maintenance efforts were not feasible due to the critical nature of the equipment which supplies chilled water to numerous laboratories on campus.
Sensors were installed to continuously monitor vibration levels of dozens of pieces of equipment that were thought to be impacting the pump. Those that were operating normally were ignored, and the sensors were moved to different pieces of equipment. It was found that several control valves were malfunctioning, impacting downstream equipment. The valves were replaced, and the intermittent vibration on the critical pump was reduced to acceptable ISO standard levels.
Extensive vibration of critical equipment was eliminated and without the need to pause operations. The upstream offending valves were identified and replaced, saving the need to shut down operations for maintenance or replacement of a critical pump and resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of avoided cost.

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