Installing an air handler vibration monitor using Chesterton Connect at a major automaker’s data center

A major U.S. automaker’s facility in Michigan contains IT laboratories to run computer simulations for vehicle designs and serves as a “hub” for monitoring the automaker’s digital applications globally. The data center was having issues with excessive vibration on air handlers and required immediate vibration analysis in order to pinpoint the root cause of its vibration.
In August of 2022, the data center ran a pilot with a gateway and several Chesterton Connects, which were installed to monitor the air handler vibration. The pilot hardware took just minutes to set-up.
After installing the Chesterton ConnectTM, precise cloud alerts from the Connects allowed the automaker to target maintenance and repair work on the cooling system. By September, the data center’s director indicated that the automaker was thrilled with the results of the pilot. The automaker decided to move forward and simultaneously monitor a second Enterprise Data Center. A total of 50+ Chesterton Connect sensors and gateways, accompanied by several years of cloud monitoring were purchased. This adoption of the Chesterton Connect system, enabled by Preddio’s technology, by one of the world’s great companies is a tribute to the quality and flexibility of our product.

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