Failed Flush Sequence

A waste management plant, operating heavy-duty pumps to process industrial slurries, had repeated mechanical seal failures on several pieces of equipment. Despite replacing the seals with more robust and expensive versions, the problems continued.
Pressure sensors were installed to monitor suction, discharge, and stuffing box pressure of the impacted pumps. After a week of monitoring, it was discovered that the clean flush water supply was non-existent for extended periods during the evening shift. The seals had been running dry, allowing debris to accumulate, causing permanent damage.
Leveraging the data collected from the pressure sensors, the customer was able to pinpoint the source of the problem and ensure that it did not recur. Operating procedures and equipment setpoints were adjusted to ensure that adequate flush water was provided to the pumps overnight. After making the changes, the problems were eliminated, and the customer was able to continue using the existing styles of mechanical seals, saving wasted capital and labor costs.

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