Conductivity and vibration data prevents dairy product quality losses and supports pump warranty claims

Preddio partnered with a large OEM in the commercial dairy industry to provide CIP (clean in place) monitoring on an 11,000-cow dairy farm that produces $200K of milk per day. A remote-monitoring system for the CIP process was requested to provide additional data on compliance of cycle times, concentration levels and temperature levels that deviate from quality requirements. Preddio was also challenged by the OEM to provide insights on the water usage in rinse cycles and determine if the daily water usage could be reduced.

In less than 20 minutes, Preddio installed off-the-shelf sensors on CIP wash lines to monitor the conductivity and temperature of the water on the rinse side and drain. When combined with Preddio’s Simplicity Link, the OEM could turn the off-the-shelf sensors into wireless beacons of information. Preddio was also able to install:


· Off the shelf conductivity & temp sensors coupled with Simplicity Link on CIP line 

· Digital alert sensor on the cycle control panel

· Vibration sensors on critical pumps

· Cellular gateway near the perimeter


Once installed, a digital twin was created in the cloud which allowed sensor data to be easily viewed by end users for compliance purposes and milk pump operation tracking.

Preddio’s CIP remote monitoring system proved to be extremely helpful when local thunderstorms and tornadoes posed significant risk to the traditional control panels. The existing legacy systems had been impacted by the weather and could not prove that proper cleaning of critical milking infrastructure had occurred. Conductivity and vibration data became necessary to avoid dairy product quality losses. Preddio’s CIP remote monitoring system was not only unaffected by the extreme weather, but they were also able to provide traceability data showing proper cleaning operations had occurred. The dairy farm was able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of milk due to the Preddio CIP monitoring system.

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