2021 Major Breakout Enterprise IoT Use Cases

According to a new study, IoT has made the top of the list of the most important technologies of 2021. Additionally, the market for commercial and industrial IoT is booming, with manufacturing taking the largest share of enterprise IoT implementations.

There’s no doubt that recent growth has been driven by a renewed focus on proven and robust return on investment. Maximizing the returns of an IoT solution involves analysis of the application, feasibility of the technical solution, and a detailed cost-benefit analysis. As such, forward-thinking businesses are looking at IoT as the catalyst for digitizing their operations. 

In the early years of IoT, many engagements failed because of a lack of experience, precise requirements, or maintenance commitment. Therefore, it’s imperative to establish early on what you hope to get out of your IoT solution and create a plan of attack around your business’ personal needs.

With that as a backdrop, there are four current breakout areas for enterprise IoT that are directly translating into revenue growth or cost savings for commercial and industrial organizations. 

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